Spell Casting Kit - Protection

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The Spell Casting Bundles are complete ritual kits that include an ancient blend of resins, herbs and oils that are recommended to be burned alongside the incantation provided. This protection spell should be used whenever you feel threatened in any way and is especially useful when you:

  • Have the feeling the world is out to get you
  • Sense conflict within the family or workplace
  • Can't see the light at the end of the tunnel
  • Feel unease but can't pinpoint the cause
  • Get the feeling someone is sending you negative energy

Use this blend whenever you sense the need. You will experience a calming effect and an increased feeling of courage, strength, self confidence and resilience.

Each bundle is sold in a beautiful black hessian bag with a organza window which allows the customer to see all contents. Included are: magical resin blends in glass, flat bottom test tube with cork, 3x charcoal discs in kraft paper pillow box, handling tongs, charcoal burner (style of burner may vary depending on stock), black tourmaline tumbled stone, wish candle and instructions. 

All packaging is either reusable or recyclable.

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