Red Jasper 250 grams (Peru)

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Tumbled Red Jasper (250 grams)- each piece is substantial in size (30-40gms each).

Approximately 7-9 pieces per 250gms.

Red Jasper is a rust red/burgundy stone, there is a significant amount of knowledge passed on to us in regards to this stone from Native American Indians who believe Red Jasper is the blood of the Earth and that it is Mother Earth's nurturing gift to us.

It was said that holding red jasper was like being in a gentle, motherly embrace where life flowed with complete ease. It is wonderful to support us through sudden life changes that we are perhaps not quite ready for and where the change seems to be coming too fast. Red Jasper acts as a grounding mechanism in these overwhelming times.   

Red Jasper is perfect for use during the recovery process of any illness or when energy levels are at their lowest. It is especially useful for circulatory and digestive conditions. 

Chakras - Base 

Sourced from Peru.

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