Palo Santo Essential Oil 5ml x 3 Bottles

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Palo Santo Essential Oil not only has antioxidants but also anti-inflammatory compounds that can reduce tissue inflammation and address a number of common complaints, ranging from joint disorders and muscle pain to headaches and gastrointestinal distress.  

Topical application of Palo Santo oil can be used on the temples, elbows, muscles, feet, hands, and chest, and anywhere else where the aroma and/or absorbed oils will do the best.

Always dilute the oil with a carrier oil 1:1

Palo Santo essential oil should be used by people who are suffering from muscle aches and pains, elevated stress levels, depression, anxiety, coughs, colds, respiratory infections, sleep disorders, arthritis, chronic disease, nervous disorders, and skin conditions. Mix 1-2 drops of oil to boiled water and inhale.

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