Ghost Buster Spiritual Cleansing Blend

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Single 30g Pack or 5 Pack

This is a heavy duty cleansing blend of pure White Sage and wild harvested Palo Santo created with purification rituals in mind. We recommend that it is used to assist in the processes of removing negative and unwanted energies, to let go of anything that no longer serves and in turn to attract positive energies.

White Sage has been traditionally used for smudging purposes to purify the mind, body, soul as well as our physical surroundings and possessions of negative energies. Palo Santo not only has the same cleansing abilities as White Sage but also acts as a healing agent with its incredible anti-inflammatory properties and is believed to be able to attract positive energies back into our lives.

This mix is also a wonderful way to cleanse crystals, combine with resin incense or to include in other ritual blends.

For best results burn on charcoal in an abalone shell or charcoal burner. Once the sacred smoke is created use a feather to gently disperse the smoke around the room, your body and any items that require cleansing. Always perform cleansing rituals with reverence, a positive intention and within a peaceful, safe space

100% Recyclable Packaging (including labels)

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