Baby Flat/Worry Stones - (Tigers Eye)- Per Piece

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$3 per piece 

Size: 20-25mm (L) x 15-17mm (W)- please note there are slight variations in weights, sizes and shapes.


What are Flat Stones?

Flat stone crystals are sometimes called worry stones, they are smooth, polished crystals, usually oval shaped that can be used for mindfulness practice or meditation to reduce anxiety, calm your mind, help you to refocus and ground yourself back into the present moment.

To use the crystal as a worry stone, massage your thumb into the middle of the stone,  this action settles the brain by releasing natural endorphins that stimulate your body's relaxation response. The stones can also be easily placed on chakra points during healings or meditation.

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Meaning of Tigers Eye:

Tiger's eye is a powerful stone, often used by the ancients in their talismans. The stone's energies promote mental clarity, which gives the carrier of the stone the ability to become a true observer, even in situations where the truth is being hidden from them. It's dual colours of browns and yellow tones are associated with the frequencies of the sun and the earth bringing with it the ability to connect with both the spiritual and physical realms. It teaches us about duality and balance for example, right vs wrong or light vs dark in a similar way to Yin-Yang showing us that there is actually an important unity between opposites. Further it protects the carrier of the stone from negative energies, dispels fears, activates and balances the third Chakra (Solar Plexus) helping you to stay grounded, even in extreme or chaotic circumstances.


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